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WellPos is multi-platform cash program and Back Office.

Application WellPos intended for retail, and its main task - to provide an easy, economical, multi-platform solution for shops that allow you to work without restrictions and efficiently perform tasks.

WellPos consists of two parts, which can be operated separately from each other:

Front Office – Cashier workplace;

Back Office - Commodity, inventory accounting and reporting.


WellPos Front Office

This is the basic module with which cashier operates.You can run the program on any mobile device and from any where. This may be a tablet computer, PDA, laptop. You can also connect fiscal printer and barcode scanner, scales.

  • The main window is designed to scan products, discount cards, discount certificates. And calculating buyers.
  • The number of checks opened at the same time is unlimited.
  • Using hot keys, you can work with a cashier. Change sellers, create new and switch between checks and many others.
  • The module has a strict cash discipline, but the administrator can edit details "backdating."
  • Can be integrated with video surveillance systems.
  • Very useful advantage is WellPos - flexible programming of all possible stocks with the help of scripts that can be programmed by yourself.

«WellPos Front Office» can be integrated with your accounting system, or work in tandem with «WellPos Back Office». It can even work independently, by loading and unloading through the Excel data file.


WellPos Back Office

«WellPos Back Office» can be installed on your server or on our cloud servers in Ukraine and Germany.

This is complete back office working online, which allows you in real-time, control revenues and remnants of goods at each sales outlet not even leaving home.


Description of main WellPOS modules.





Importing, creating and editing of products and prices.


Clients and Managers

List of all counter parties with contacts.

Personal accountand discount.

Cashiers and seller swith accessrights



Summary table off inancial manipulations per every day

Data export to 1C or other accounting system

End Closing Period



The marketing module. Automatic and manual sending of SMS messages.

Birthdays. List of nearest birthday.

Promotions. Holiday greetings, hot deals. Filter customers by age, gender, financial indicators. Reports. Analysis of the results. Program of highlighting SMS by which customers came. It sets the digital efficiency index for each client by analyzing previous events.



Createing in voices, transferring way bills. Invoices write-off.

Analysis of the warehouse.

Catalog, unit sand prices.


Statistics and Reports

Repository reports. All kind of SQL statements with the possibility to save in the format of Excel.

The application allows you to manage any number of outlets. You get control over the size of the delivered revenues statistics in the context of sales outlets in real time.

It is possible to integrate the system with other WellPos accounting systems such as 1C. Export \ Import data into excel, xml files.

Using thesolutionofWellPos, ourcustomersbenefitinmanyways:

  1. No need to spend resources to purchase expensive equipment and software - the system of multi-platform and you can use your usual gadgets for work (PDAs, tablets, laptops), ease of licensing and administration;
  2. No need to purchase expensive servers - you can use our cloud servers in Ukraine and Germany.
  3. No need to purchase the OS Windows, Microsoft Office, as the system operates on free operating system Linux, Android.
  4. ON-LINE \ OFF-LINE mode applications WellPos.

WellPos - simple solution for difficult tasks