Outsourcing. Technical support
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Outsourcing. Technical support


Ukraine is the biggest IT outsourcing market in Europe. Fast growing potential of certified IT experts and advantages of low cost labor create profitable conditions for European companies here.
K.M.K. Systems has reliable and  tight-knit teams for outsourcing work that provide you all-in-one solutions for your business.
Our advantages in outsourcing work:

•• You get serious cost saving.  Labor costs in Ukraine are several times lower then in Europe.
You don’t have to pay taxes for hired employees.

••There is no need to waste time on organization and control of IT department.
You don’t waste time on search, training and keeping new employees.  
You don’t have to worry, whether your employee is on vacation or on sick leave.

•• We can always change teams to scale them up according to your project.
We have a big pool of certified experts – testers, Java, PL/SQL, PHP, Ajax, JavaScript, C/C ++, C# programmers, Oracle DBA , UNIX administrators etc.
We specialize not only in IT, but in finance, retail and logistics.

•• Technical support 24/7
We provide quality control and accountancy.

We have reasonable prices and low turnover of employees. We can help you to solve your problems.

KMKSystems exist to solve difficult tasks through simple solutions