24.03.2017 Escepe room "The Secret of Professor Lipnitsky" Kraków
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24.03.2017 Escepe room "The Secret of Professor Lipnitsky" Kraków

 Story: Professor Lipnitsky conducts research on the work of the brain. He made a major breakthrough in his studies on animals, however, reached a critical point. He decided that in order to get out of the deadlock, one should start experimenting with the human brain. When he presented this idea at the university, he was met with a categorical refusal by the authorities. Moreover, fearing for the reputation, the management of the educational institution reduced the grant and adopted detailed control over the work of Professor. And when various chemicals began to disappear from the university,  first suspicion fell on Professor Lipnitsky. However, University authorities could not do anything on their own and handed over case to the police. They feared that the doctor's conflicting intentions would see daylight. Operation carried out in complete secrecy and the most tactful with young police officers who do their job and nothing but ...
Accomplished  work: Technical implementation of the quest.
- Developed and manufactured all the mechanisms of riddles.
- Construction work is completed, all "playing" designs are made.
- SCS and all electronic devices.
- The game process is automated and controlled via WEB panel (Quest control system).