04.05.2017 Quest room Revenge of the Jedi. Zakopane
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04.05.2017 Quest room Revenge of the Jedi. Zakopane

Story: Galactic Empire has almost completed construction of its super powerful and secret station with help of which it will be able finally suppress the resistance of the Rebel Alliance. The team of young Padawans penetrate secretly on Imperial cruiser in the hope of finding the "Death Star" drawings and help the Rebel Alliance destroy it. Before the end of construction of the Death Star there are 60 light minutes left and during this time it is necessary to complete the mission.

Accomplished work: The quest turn-key


  • wrote the script
  • drawn interior design
  • picked up props
  • executed construction works, manufactured all the constructions
  • SC and all electronic devices
  • Game process is automated and controlled through the WEB panel (Quest Management System).


Address: Poland, Zakopane, 3 Kościuszki Str.  Phone: 533 338 991