The counter entry-exit of visitors WellCounter
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The counter entry-exit of visitors WellCounter

K.M.K.Systems Company is the developer and manufacturer of visitors counters «WellCounter».

Counting of visitors on the trading venues is needed to calculate the share of buyers among in the total number of store visitors (Conversion Rate). This is a very important indicator showing the actual efficiency of the store.

 Counting equipment «WellCounter» allows you to collect statistics about intensity of the visitors flow, and their presence in the store during the day.

          " WellCounter helps you to count the number of visitors in the sales outlet, to map the movement of customers, define and plan the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, analyze the effectiveness of the sales outlet."

    Users can choose the appropriate configuration for the counter, which would take into account features of placing the visitors counter, as well as the features of counting visitors.

 Available configuration: WiFi | RJ45 | USB | GSM.

 Equipment package consists of a counter that performs counting, power supply cable and reflective element.

 WellCounter Software installed on our WEB server or on your computer, will generate reports and in accordance with the timetable, will send them on your on e-mail. It can be integrated with accounting systems accordingly, the data can immediately get into your database and analyzed considering already conducted cash transactions and other analytical information.

Access to the web interface is located at: performed with indicating login and password. The counter can send data on your computer. After authorization in the web interface:,   counters registration becomes available immediately.


Data exchange interfaces


The device is supplied in different versions to choose from.

WiFi | RJ45 | USB | GSM


Power supply. 5V

Information display

Information display shows the current number of visitors out / came. Two buttons allow you to see the data on the previous date. (+/- Day)


Infrared stereo sensors. Consider entry and exit.

Overall dimensions


120х70х40 mm

Activity Distance

3 meters

Installation   method

Visitor counter installed at the entrance to the store or office in the double-sided tape or screwed plugs.


- Program to download the configuration file to the device. Network settings, where to send the data;

- Web interface on the developer's web site that displays the results of the counters. Statistics can be saved in Excel format.

- Can be integrated with the accounting system.


Optionally: settings of peripheral devices via a digital connection. Temperature and humidity sensor, control signal for control the opening of doors or other devices.