Electronic equipment for the QuestRoom.
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Electronic equipment for the QuestRoom.

Automation of Quest-rooms.
About Quest-room.
Escape room (Eng. Real-life room escape) - an intellectual game in which the players are locked in a room from which they have to leave in a definite time, looking for items and solving puzzles. Some representatives of the genre also includes a detective story, to immerse players in unique atmosphere.
Now this game is gaining widespread popularity. It can be played in the form of urban quest, for example antikafe, role-playing games or in specially equipped premises - Quest Room.
In any case this is certain show, preferably with special effects, costumes which transmitting feedback of specific atmosphere and unexpected opportunities. Quests can be thematic, specialized for a certain category of people, etc.
Feature of Quest Room is the fact that if a person passed quest once, then passing same second time will not be interesting. In order to attract clients again in your Quest Room is necessary to provide variability of scenarios, complex logic effects, puzzles. It can be done with special equipment and software that would run all the processes.
K.M.K.Sistems Company engaged in the development, commissioning and launching equipment for the quest-rooms.
We offer solutions based on Arduino, Raspberry, STM32, and others. Equipment includes:
  • Various sensors (infrared, ultrasonic, touch, vibration, motion, etc.
  • reed switches (operation at the approach of a magnet)
  • Various buttons and switches
  • rangefinders
  • Electronic locks
  • electric drives
  • Monitoring system
  • Software for hardware part and WEB applications.
Control system
To control game room is necessary to combine all of the devices into a single complex. This task is performed by centralized software which receives signals from all the sensors, processes them and activates desired effects.
Possible to program various versions of the logic operation, programmed scenarios sound, light maintenance, etc.
We can develop for you a standardized solution or option with possibility to modify, configure the settings, etc.
Using software will allow you to make the quest more interesting through the use of complex logic, modify quests complexity by switching on and off of some tasks, dynamically control script quests, etc.
We invite you to cooperate. We will be happy make your quests more interesting and memorable!