Prototype and project documentation
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Prototype and project documentation

Мехатроника схема 

You have a great idea and would like to make it into a real product?
The company "K.M.K.Sistems" will take over the development of project documentation, development of prototype products, software, printed circuit boards and electronics.
If you have ideas of innovative products and you want to make a prototype or series of products - contact us.
What kind of development we offer:
  • Development of boards, devices, electronics and software "from scratch" - we develop technical assignment, on which basis being implemented a working prototype of the product or the serial product.
  • Reengineering - Creating a new version of device on basis of the existing one.
  • Reverse Engineering - Creating device on the model in absence or loss of documentation on it.
Our clients receive a full range of services required to start serial production of planned products.
  1. Development of the technical specifications.
  2. Development of the prototype product.
  3. Development of firmware for the microcontroller.
  4. Development of application software.
  5. Documentation on the project.
Technical specification is the foundation of the entire project. It is a document that clearly stated what product is needed and what functions and features it should have. We will help you in the writing of this document, will consult on the conformity of the declared functionality according to technical capabilities.
To test the possibility of implementing of idea or for demonstration to the customer is often necessary to make a prototype. Company K.M.K. Systems will develop a prototype product for you, test it and prepare all project documentation.  The prototype - in appearance and functionality is similar to the final device, but it is draft implementation of the future system. During prototyping is visible more detailed picture of the device. Prototyping is an important stage of development. After the prototyping phase necessarily follow the steps of the revision of the system architecture, design, implementation and testing of the final product.
Prototyping is not necessarily performed in the same framework of technologies that the developed system. As a rule, the prototype becomes a supplement to the technical specification. Qualities which must have an effective prototype:
  • Stage of prototyping should not be lengthy.
  • Effective prototypes are disposable. They are intended to bring the idea to the concerned person. After that the prototype can be rejected.
  • Effective prototypes are focused, this means that we should pay attention to the complex parts for prototyping. It is necessary to find a pattern of interaction that are well known in the theory uses experience.
  • It is necessary to pay attention to the elements of interaction that will benefit your product.
Developing cost of the prototype depends on the complexity of the project and its requirements. As the most part of devices is typical circuit engineering and unique software programming is largely determines the cost of the work. The fastest option is manufacturing of the laboratory sample on the basis of existing debugging tools and development boards that is sufficient to obtain the desired functionality, for example, to test idea.
Any modern electronic device now is not complete without a microcontroller. Modern smart devices also simply will not work without firmware. Popular platform Arduino, STM32, Raspberry Pi - include various schild for quick assembly and debugging of prototypes. Popular GSM module SIM900, which allows organize work as by SMS and GPRS-Internet.
Application software often is an integral part projects. Remote device management, reporting, charts and alerts. Remote updating of the whole complex of devices etc. The company K.M.K.Systems offers development under WEB, Android, Windows and Linux.
After development we will give you a package of documents:
1. Project documentation
2. Detailed description of all system components and software.
3. Package diagrams and construction documentation for the replication devices.
If you are interested in our offer and you have the idea of creating your own product - contact us.