About Mechatronics
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About Mechatronics

Mechatronics is generalizing the concept of automation, which includes mechanics, electronics, control system and software.

One of the activities of the company K.M.K. Systems - Mechatronics.

We design and implement various automation projects. In our work we use modern platforms and continually monitor novelties and modern tendencies.

Recently, widely spread variety of hardware and software tools for the development of automation devices.

The most common platform Arduino, STM32, Rassbery Pi. Also available the modern Chinese analogues: Cubieboard, Banana Pi, MarsBoard, based on the latest versions of processors Cortex, but unfortunately they are not without bugs and require a number of improvements.

In our work we use the original standard platform Arduino, STM32, Rassbery Pi. Depending on the needs of a particular task and select the best configuration.

The range of tasks has virtually no restrictions. We can automate any task which requires the collection, analysis and systematization of data. We can develop different management systems from human activity management systems, complex systems Smart home, automated process control system (APCS) with integration into MES (Manufacturing execution systems).