Program for stomatologiy DentiNET
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Program for stomatologiy DentiNET


The program is aimed to help to systematize and organize work of the clinic administrators . To optimize keeping of registers, casebooks, treatment logs, client visit logs, doctor work casebooks, etc.

To keep electronic patient records. Availability of archival data, history of previous treatment, X-ray patterns ...

To automate routine processes. Notification of patients about appointment, promotions and special offers.

To sort out and organize the accounting materials. Availability of actual materials balance, smooth re-ordering of materials with no gaps in supply, clinic data consolidation.

To minimize human factor when dealing with finances. Automatic accounting, data consolidation, real-time access to financial indicators.

To attract new and retain regular customers. Formation of loyalty system by SMS mass messaging with notifications, offers, congratulations; providing customers with cumulative discounts, etc.

Enables director to receive timely analysis reports for clinic work optimization; real-time monitoring of clinic operation, financial indicators controlling, etc.

Can work in tandem with WellPos cash program


 Description of DentINet basic modules





Register/ casebook

Calendar for patient records, appointments. Maintenance of schedule for doctors and doctor’s rooms. Time Booking. (Analogue of what clinic administrators keep in a big notebook)



Patients and doctors


Registration of all patients. Patient card with contact information. Current discount

History of treatment. X-ray images

Financial history

Personnel information

Doctor-patient bunch: treatment and financial history for any period



Module of strong cash discipline

Summary table of all financial manipulations for each day displays the following information:

Number of patients per day, total / new

Total amount of discount medications per day

Amount of discount

Amount of cash payment

Amount of debt treatment

Amount of clearing settlement

Amount of expenses (expenditure from the clinic cash)

Amount of income (debt repayment, re-computation, etc.)


Total amount of money at the cash office

Cash disbursement journal. Here all expenses of the clinic from the cash office are registered

Journal of incomes. Here all money receipts to the cash office, for example, repayments of debt

After daily closing, access to edition of previous information is blocked for the staff





Marketing module. Automatic and manual SMS sending.

Birthdays. List of the next birthday persons.

Scheduled inspection. List of patients that were planned to treat, as well those who were treated 6 months ago.

Promotions. Holiday greetings, other offers. Filtering of patients by age, gender, type of treatment, financial indicators.

Reports. Results analysis. The program highlights the SMS on which the patient comes for treatment. Sets the digital efficiency index for each patient by analysing the previous promo-actions.


Material Accounting

The module has two levels of control – normal and advanced.

 In normal mode the piece materials are controlled, its purchase and resale to patients (dental posts/pins, crowns, tooth brush, etc.)

 Advanced mode controls all material consumption in accordance with fixed standards.

 The module contains following journals: Income; Expenses; Nomenclature standards; Summary Table;


Statistics and Reports

Repository of Reports. Different SQL reports suitable to save in Excel and graph plotting

Examples of standard reports:

All payments for the period

All debtors

Balance of doctors

Dynamics of clinic’s visit per weeks, months, compared with previous year

Only prosthetics is detailed. Patients directed by polyclinics