01.07.2017 Escape room Piraty
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01.07.2017 Escape room Piraty

Story: For many years it was known that the wonderful Treasure of Life is in the hands of four dangerous pirates. They did not trust anyone, not even to each other. So they closed the magic Treasure in the chest and sealed the lid with a magic lock. Keys were divided into four black marks, so that none of them could open the chest. For many years nothing has changed: they lived a peaceful life of pirates, plundering merchant ships and setting fire to coastal villages. Nothing could change ... until now ! Pirates quarreled among themselves and killed each other! Last lively pirate fled into the jungle. He was very weak and wounded, he could not survive for long ... And according to legend, after the death of the last Pirate, all Black marks will melt in the air with the first full moon light ... You have only 80 minutes! Can you take part in the sea adventure and try to find the stolen treasure for your village?

Accomplished work: The quest turn-key

  • wrote the script
  • drawn interior design
  • picked up props
  • executed construction works, manufactured all the constructions
  • SC and all electronic devices
  • Game process is automated and controlled through the WEB panel (Quest Management System).

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