Robotic unit for mosaic fabrication
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Robotic unit for mosaic fabrication





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System consists of 3 main units

  1. Robotic unit for mosaic fabrication.
  2. Batcher orienting device.
  3. Automatic unit for operating supplies storage.

Mosaic fabrication unit is loaded with cassettes, each of which contains segments of specific color. Basic model supports up to 250 colors and shades.
  Batcher orienting device is a specific unit that allows to automatically load cassettes with specific color tiles. The tiles are loaded into batcher in bulk. Storage zone consists of automatic shelves for storage of full/empty cassettes and mosaic elements.
The complex is integrated into a network that can analyze processes and place requests for certain maintenance operations. The system does not require a high qualification level of staff. It only requires 1 operator. Tile cassette is an important part of the system. It is equipped with a unique ID that allows to control loading, batching and storing process for all cassettes.

0. Prior to fabrication of a new mosaic fragment the unit analyses cassettes and installed colors. It also indicates empty cassettes that need to be replaced.
1. The operator puts empty cassette into the orienting device. The unit analyzes cassette color code and indicates specific shelf with tiles that need to be loaded into the batcher (similar to Pick-by-Light technology)
2. After the cassette being loaded, the unit will indicate a specific installation cell.
3. The unit will create mosaic in “pad” forms. It will use empty forms and replace them will full ones.
4. The unit prints codes of mosaic fragment in general scheme.
5. After the fabrication of mosaic the operator puts adhesive film and places the mosaic into the storage unit. The procedure goes back to step 1


Mosaic fabrication speed:

With tiles 1x1 cm and 8000 pcs/m2 the speed will be around 1-1,2 m2/h.

Staff – 1 person.

The system supports up to 250 colors and shades of tiles

Tiles specs differ for every unit and start from 0.5 cm