Software development
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Software development

«К.М.К. Systems» provides all types of services for creation of customized software, its implementation and support.

  Software development is organized according to methodology. This allows us to effectively organize the operating process, optimize production time and effectively calculate the budget which is important for most customers. We offer you quality services in short terms.

 We develop software for different platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux, BSD, Oracle, Android, iOS, cross-platform WEB apps. We create drivers for different equipment and CNC macroprograms. We also localize software.

  We want our software to make your business successful as fast as possible and with no extra expenses.

  «К.М.К. Systems» creates software for different spheres of businesses. Our specialists expertise in retail, logistics, production, medicine, etc. This allows us to act as consultants and effectively solve all specific tasks.

You can review ready-made solutions in our “Product” tab.

 If you have ideas for specific software we can make them real.

 ..."We exist to solve difficult tasks through simple solutions." (K.M.K. Systems)