01.08.2017 Escape room Monster.inc (Wieliczka)
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01.08.2017 Escape room Monster.inc (Wieliczka)

Quest is multilanguage: Polish, English, Russian

Topic: "Monsters Inc. Detective adventure".
Someone kidnapped favorite toy girl's Boo - her teddy bear.
The criminal left evidence on the scene, the trace of which leads to Monstropolis. A team of professional detectives, undercover, goes to the world of Monsters to find the kidnapper and return the stolen toy.
The task is not easy, because the world of Monster keeps a lot of secrets, and some of them protect by Monster's Keepers. At lunchtime, when monsters are not at their places, they penetrate the factory. In 60 minutes, you need to solve the crime and get back to the human world. 
Our brave detectives should show all their dexterity, courage and attention to detail!
They hope for a successful disclosure of the case, but not expect to face another difficulty ... So, what will be the outcome of this story?

 Booking Facebook адрес: Rynek Górny 14

Participants are closed in the room full of mysteries and puzzles, solution of which allows finding the key to the door. The game is designed for groups of 2 to 5 people. For solution of problems is given 60 minutes, and every minute of fighting against time frees real emotions. Use your skills and creativity, but first of all the ability to cooperate in team and accept the challenge.


Accomplished work: The quest turn-key

  •  wrote the script
  •  drawn interior design
  •  picked up props
  •  executed construction works, manufactured all the constructions
  •  SC and all electronic devices
  •  Game process is automated and controlled through the WEB panel (Quest Management System).