Device management quality control application identifier (barcode, RFID)
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Device management quality control application identifier (barcode, RFID)

 Primary objective: Identifier application check (bar-code, RFID), identifier reading check, paired identifiers check.

Field of use: marking conveyor lines and lines that require multiple identifiers check (for example on lines where several bar-codes or bar-codes and RFID are used for personalization) production and logistics company, distribution.
Main functions:  We offer you a hardware controller and software that controls print and marking quality on your production line.

Basic device is designed for 4 simultaneous production lines.
The device is installed on a production line and conducts dynamic scanning of identifiers and quality control (readability, correspondence etc) and assorting (defective article extraction). The device scans 1D-2D bar-codes and RFID marks with speed of 3 units per second. This allows to exclude human factor, save time, prevent and extract defective articles.
You can also collect statistic data and get customizable alerts.

Technical specification of basic version:
Size: 150х110х90mm
Interface: Ethernet, USB
Ports quantity: 12
Reading speed: from 3 units per second
Voltage: 5-12 V

We can offer you just device with software, as well as full installation on a production line and integration with your ERP system.
 Price: $1999