Design and Support Database systems
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Design and Support Database systems

«К.М.К. Systems» offers you design and support of different DBMS. Our team has major experience and corresponding certificates for qualified work with Oracle and other SQL servers (MS SQL, MySQL , PostgreSQL …)

Development of adequate data storage model is a major task. It defines the speed of further development, reliability, performance, price and scaling of the system.
Qualified creation of distributed databases demands general IT-structure understanding already on designing stage thus allowing maximal productivity with minimal costs during the whole operation period.
Basic and extended support of Oracle DBMS

Support of Oracle DBMS includes following:
•    Consulting services at Customers office or remote consulting (by phone or other communication channels) in workday mode or 24/7 mode (depends on agreement);
•    Installation of «Oracle Database» software (server and client programs) for following operating systems: MS Windows, Sun Solaris, Linux;
•    Software updates according to Oracle updates;
•    Regular analysis of DBMS register file with error check;
•    Regular monitoring of recommended updates (patches) for specific DBMS versions;
•    Installation of updates (patches) for «Oracle Database»;
•    Creation and registration of requirements (SR) on company’s «Oracle Database» technical support page (My Oracle Support) with Customers CSI.
•    Creation of new («empty») databases and their primary setup;
•    Administration of database’ users, roles and profiles;
•    Database’ space management;
•    Creation of specific database objects (tables, indexes, sequences etc.);
•    Setup of database signal metrics;
•    Creation of system tasks for specific operations within «Oracle Database»;
•    Export/import of metadata on scheme level (users) in the database (excluding database migration).
•    Database backup checks and administration of backup copies;
•    Automatic database backup setup;
•    Backup and restoration from previous copies;
•    Preventive change of database from primary to standby servers and vice versa.

Consulting services are provided according to Requests and Technical assignment (or short technical requirements) created by Customer and coordinated by both parties.
Consulting services include following:
•    Transfer (upgrade) to a newer version of «Oracle Database»;
•    Migration of existing «Oracle Database» databases on other platforms;
•    Database encoding change;
•    Creation and setup of Standby (Oracle Data Guard) databases;
•    Creation of database copies (cloning);
•    Online replication setup between different «Oracle Database» databases with CDC (Change Data Capture) tools;
•    Performance setup (tuning) of «Oracle Database»;
•    Database audit setup;
•    Help with creation of specific requests on SQL / PL/SQL;
•    Help with creation of command scripts on SQL / PL/SQL for execution of specific commands in «Oracle Database»;
•    Help with «Oracle Database» overload testing;
•    Development of project and technical documents;
•    «Oracle Database» audits.
Assessment of man-hours for specified tasks is calculated by Executor and agreed with Customer.