Dedicated servers and hosting
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Dedicated servers and hosting

The possibility of placing the standard sites  to global portals on our servers in Germany and Ukraine.

Technology changes so rapidly that owning and upgrading hardware is more often than not, impractical. A dedicated hosting server is owned by KMKSystems and leased by you. We configures dedicated hosting servers to your exact specifications, install the operating system and maintain the hardware . You manage the server with root or admin access.

KMKSystems  offers more than just equipment, secure space, redundant power and bandwidth. KMKSystems  trained data center staff is here to support you in all aspects of hosting. We can help you with everything from rebooting your system, adding more RAM or updating your OS to managing your backups and firewalls or simply to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

These managed services can always be added onto existing packages when and if you need it. Your system grows as you need it and KMKSystems  is there when you need us.

With KMKSystems  variety of shared and dedicated Web hosting services, you can create and maintain high quality, sophisticated Internet sites. KMKSystems  handles the complexity of purchasing, configuring, maintaining and administering the hardware, software and Internet connectivity - allowing you the freedom to create and host a site that meets your specific needs. KMKSystems  also offers quick and smooth deployment, providing a scalable solution that responds to your ever expanding business needs.